• Elizabeth Stabinski

Mind Full? Be Mindful

We are all dealing with the short-term inconvenience of not enjoying many of our creature comforts. And, we all are feeling frightened about the long-term fallout from a lack of financial security.

Without awareness, it is easy to fall back into our old, unhelpful habits. We may see this show up as emotional eating, feelings of lethargy, and a lack of productivity. I mean, who among us may not be tempted to eat Oreos and binge watch reality television in our pajamas all day?

Similarly, we may slip back into unhelpful ways of communicating with our partners and family. Especially when we are spending a lot of ‘concentrated’ time together!

Here are some simple “rules of engagement”

· Take a breath before you interact with one another

· Use “I” and not “you” when you begin a conversation or express your feelings

· Begin conversations with kindness (not harshness)

· Use the kindest words you can find to express your feelings (even if you are disappointed, angry or hurt)

· Ask questions with curiosity - try to avoid making assumptions about the intentions of others before you ask

· Recognize that others may have a bad moment or two - try not to take those moments personally (it’s not you - it’s them)

· Take responsibility for your own feelings (it’s you - it’s not them)

We have many positive choices that we can make during this time. We need to choose our actions with awareness!

We may not be to control what happens to us – we are in charge of how we choose to respond!

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