• Elizabeth Stabinski

Uncoupling? Dating? Happy? Online Groups to Build a Better You!

I know that these are challenging times for many people, and it is my goal to find affordable ways for others to continue to grow. As a life-long learner, I have been engaged in online learning communities during this time to expand my knowledge and connect with others worldwide on intellectual explorations.  It dawned on me that others may benefit from the creation of online communities. Creating groups also allows me to lower my fee per person in order to accommodate for these difficult economic times. I will be hosting three different virtual transformational groups this summer: Uncoupling, Dating, and Fostering Happiness. Each small online group will meet for 1 ½ hours a week for eight consecutive weeks. There will be no more than eight people per group.  All you will need is the internet, a journal, and a commitment to yourself to use this summer to catapult your journey towards growth and healing. 

Reach out via email or call today. Click here to learn more...

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